Alcohol Education for Minors 
Classess held Saturdays and Sundays from 2-5 PM. 

Call for more information or register online!! Cost of the class is $50. 
DWI Education, DWI School, DUI Classes
For Probation:  
  1.   Upon successful completion of the course, the student is given an official State of Texas numbered certificate. (This may be required to be shown in person to the probation officer). Do not loose your Certificate. They cannot be replaced. 

  2.   Education Resource notifies the probation officer within ten days of completion of course. 

  3.   A copy of the certificate is sent to the DPS, if you received a conviction for a DWI related offense.

Bring to Class:  Probation officer's name, address, phone, and fax number. 

Cause Number

For Pre-Trial, Reduced Charges,
or Out-of-State:  
  1.   You are provided with the Participant and DPS copies of the State of Texas Certificate. It is your responsibility to pass the DPS copy to your attorney if your case finally results in a DWI conviction with or without probation. 

  2.   For Out-of-State cases, you are provided with the DPS copy of the Certificate and it is your responsibility to get it to where ever it needs to go. There may be other situations where Education Resource will need to contact Out-of-State Court Official. 

Bring to Class:  Attorney's name, address, phone,
and fax number. 

Cause or Case Number
ALCOHOL EDUCATION FOR MINORS  Cost of the class is $50.00. Register online or by phone. 6 hour State of Texas Approved Alcohol Education for Minors Class. You will receive your certificate upon successfull completion of the class.